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Food & Beverage Carrier Boxes

Outside diameter :58.5x55x46cm,
Inside diameter: 45x41x37cm,
11.32kg, 68L
Camcarrier, 06-Black
Size: 477x680x620
Camcarrier, 06-Gray
Size: 477x680x620
Camcarrier, 06-Gray
220v Power supply, power 450 kw, ceramic heating princeple, law anery consumtion, fast heating, long service lifethe door & box are deattachable, it is strictly fobidden to touch the water it should be white wiped clean with warm dry cloth the temperture of the box raise rapidly to 800 Celsius within 15 mins after the power on.after 8 hours the work stop automaticaly. press the reset to be turned on again.
Insulated pan(Size available 3)
JW INF 100 H - 1GN 1/1 100mm, 2gn 1/2 - 100mm JW INF 150 H - 1GN 1/1 150mm, 2gn 1/2 - 150mm JW INF 200 H - 1GN 1/1 200mm, 2gn 1/2 - 200mm
Size: 335x(H)300, Capacity: 15Ltr